Thursday, July 5, 2012

Make Your Own Buddy Lee Baseball or Football Dolls

Last month I wrote about Lee Denim being one of the innovators of fashions present day "make your own" craze when the did Burn Your Own Brand on their Lee Riders. The thought of them being ahead of their time with this type of program was reconfirmed when I was digging through my saved files and I came across an old ad for these Buddy Lee baseball and football dolls. I've seen several different football teams, but I was always curious about which teams were offered. It turns out you could do any team you wanted. The baseball doll is by far much rarer. In all my days of collecting sports items, I have never seen a baseball doll offered for sale. It's interesting that only one doll out of a dozen ordered would come with a glove. It's also interesting to see that Buddy Lee was a lefty. If any readers have a football or baseball doll, please send a photo.

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