Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1887 Neustadter Brothers "Boss of the Road" Billhead

Established in 1852 by Louis and Henry Neustadter, the San Francisco based company was an early powerhouse in area of workwear. They manufactured "Boss of the Road" overalls and "Standard" shirts, along with a wide range of other products. In 1878 the company started a Oregon branch in Portland. Both the California and Oregon locations were incorporated in 1900. The company applied for and granted several United States Patents on their garments, including one in 1877 for a continuous fly on their overalls. This would strengthen the garment at the point where the two inner seams meet.

Like yesterday's post about Brown Brothers, this billhead is also address to Fort Bidwell. See the previous post for a brief history of this historic military post.


  1. Do you know where you found the photo of the Boss of the Road overalls ghost sign/wall ad? I am interested in using it in an exhibition and need to track down a high-resolution version of it if possible (as well as copyright information).

  2. I'm also interested in using the Neustadter Bros. Portland, Oregon ad!