Wednesday, July 11, 2012

c.1885 "The Longshoreman" Sweet, Orr & Co., Metamorphic Trade Card

Great metamorphic trade card issued by Sweet, Orr & Company circa 1885. I recently discovered that this card comes in at least two three different versions. The images are the same on all three versions, but the backs are different. The card pictured above has no border around the text. The pricing shown is in four increments and there is no printers notation. If you look at the card below, it's the same as above but with a border. The third version, obviously produced earlier than the first two above, has a border, only three price increments and a printers notation. If any readers have this card, write to me and let me know which version you have. I'm curious to see if one card is harder to find than the other.

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