Thursday, July 19, 2012

1936 Kerite Wreckers Photo

When I picked this photo up, the seller said it was from a lumber yard. That might be true, however it doesn't look like your typical lumber yard. The first thing that caught my eye on the photo was obviously the workwear. Second was the large spools in the back ground that are usually used for cable. Sure enough, a quick online search for Kerite revealed that they are one of the leading manufacturers of cables.

The following is taken from the Kerite website:

The Kerite Company, a member of the Marmon Group of companies, was established in 1854. Kerite power cables have withstood the toughest test of all - the test of time - setting the standard by which cable is judged, through actual field experience not just accelerated laboratory testing. Unequaled quality is reflected in every foot of Kerite cable. It is this commitment to superior performance that has established Kerite as the best cable value in the world. Kerite manufactures utility transmission and distribution power cable, industrial power cable. The Kerite Cable Service Company provides turnkey installation and field service capabilities.

1908 Kerite Ad from
Ad from Electrical World April 26, 1930

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