Monday, June 18, 2012

1926 Red Diamond Overalls and Shirts Advertising Envelope

Advertising envelope from Red Diamond Overalls and Shirts dated October 9, 1926, St. Louis, Missouri. On April 13th, I did a post with a Red Diamond advertising envelope from 1913. It's interesting to see how their logo has changed. That piece is pictured below. I personally like the 1913 version.


  1. First let me say, I toughly enjoy reading your blog. Second just a short comment about these covers (stamp collecting term for envelopes). You will notice that the stamps used are "Perfins", meaning that the stamp was punched with holes that make the letters RDC Co. This was done by the USPO for the user (Red Diamond Co)to prevent unauthorized use of the stamps by employees or stamp theft. I think your use of "covers" adds a great deal to your blog. Do you attend stamp shows to search for adverting covers or do just search eBay?

  2. Thanks! That's pretty awesome information. I've been collecting these for years and never knew about that or even realized it. I look for covers at show, on ebay and have a few dealers pull topical stuff for me. Glad you enjoy the blog.