Monday, June 11, 2012

1887 Oliver P. Hazard Letter

Letter dated April 23, 1887 from Oliver P. Hazard, manufacturers of pantaloons and overalls in Detroit, Michigan, to the Eagle & Phenix Mills in Columbus, Georgia.

It was a little confusing trying to dig up info on Oliver P. Hazard. Apparently he was a descendent of United States Navy Commodore, Oliver Perry Hazard. Doing a search on Oliver Hazard lead to a lot of hits on the later.

From what I could gather, Oliver P. Hazard went into the clothing business with James Brewster in 1871 and formed Hazard & Brewster. Hazard retired from the company in 1879. I couldn't find anything about him opening his own company after that. I did find several items about a prominent Detroit resident named O.P. Hazard as being one of the founders of the Globe Tobacco company in 1871. The other founders of Globe included Thomas McGraw, William Moore and Hiram Walker, Canadian Club whiskey maker.

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