Friday, June 15, 2012

1909 Fawn Brand Overalls Advertising Envelope

Interesting advertising cover for Fawn Brand Overalls postmarked November 15, 1909 from Fort Worth, Texas. This brand was produced by the American Manufacturing Company in Fort Worth. Apparently these were marketed to the female work force. The woman pictured looks very similar to the Sweet Orr girl and Joplin Overall girl. The company also produced Bell Brand Overalls. I couldn't find to much history on the American Manufacturing Company. At some point after 1909 and before 1922 they were bought by the Kingsbery Manufacturing Company. This is evident from the ad I found in the September 1922 copy of Texas Railway Monthly. While searching, I found a Fort Worth business directory from 1907 that had Bell Brand Overalls being manufactured by the Fort Worth Overall Company. I'm not sure if they were bought out by American Manufacturing or if the company changed it's name.

Below is the trademark for Fawn Brand Overalls from the 1908 Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office.

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  1. Bertram Ambler Rose owned the Fort Worth Overall Company> Their company incorporated in 1906. Luis C. Hollis was the V.P.