Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1949 Lee Overalls Pocket Flasher Variation

When it comes to collecting, I'm pretty much a geek. One thing I'm particularly geeky about is variations. I suppose it goes back to my baseball card collecting days. I always wanted to build a master set with all the variations. When I saw the above Lee Overall flasher from 1949, I went back to my previous posting from March 22nd and automatically knew it was different. The first thing that caught my eye was the different font usage on Lee Overalls. Next was the smaller images showing details on the overalls. The main difference was the one above shows 2-Ply Side Reinforcements on the first row, third image in. One the bottom one it has the Lee logo. Next is the image on the first row, last one and the image on the second row, fifth in show the Lee label on the pocket. The piece below doesn't. At the bottom where the Guarantee is, the top one says you can get a free pair if the overalls wear out. The bottom one also says this, but also offers you your money back. The Sanforized spacing is different. The top one says, "11 Factories Coast to Coast." The bottom one lists only 5 factories. I'm not sure which piece came first. I guess some digging on factory information can solve this. In the mean time, I'll keep watching for more variations.

March 22nd posting

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