Thursday, September 20, 2012

1888 Bittner, Hunsicker & Co., Invoice

Great illustrated invoice from Bittner, Hunsicker & Company in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The piece is dated October 31, 1888. The company originally started out as Hunsicker Brothers in 1870 when James F. Hunsicker and Frank W. Hunsicker joined forces and opened a general store. In 1872 their uncle Elias Bittner joined them and the name changed to Bittner & Hunsicker Brothers. In 1880 Frank D. Bittner joined the team and the new name became Bittner, Hunsicker & Company. The company manufactured Bee Hive Overalls. I find it interesting that there's no mention of the brand name, but there is an illustration of a  beehive. I love the saying with the beehive. This pieces appears to jave been signed by Elias Bittner.

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