Thursday, April 5, 2012

O'Bryan Brothers Duck Head Brand Postcard

Advertising postcard for Duck Head Overalls and Work Clothes manufactured by the O'Bryan Brothers, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee. The card shows country music pioneers, Alton and Rabon Delmore, and Uncle Abner on the porch of the Cross Roads Store. The back features a weekly contest in which fans can win $25 by writing a rhyme about why they like Duck Head clothing. The winners will be announced every Saturday night at 7:45 C.S.T. on WSM Radio.

George and Joe O'Bryan established their company in 1865 in Nashville. Inspired by the cootn duck/duck canvas they were dealing in, The brothers tried to trademark the work Duck in 1892. The Trademark and Registration Office in Washington D.C. rejected the application because the word Duck was to general. When they were informed that Duck Head was available, they registered it. While the original version of Duck Head is no longer around, a newer version of the brand is. You can see their products at

From Ballyhoo Vintage News


  1. they must have sold well here in the "Bluegrass"...we often find Duck Head Brand Workwear in some of our old haunts...

  2. great fan of the Delmore bros. i've got pretty much every rec . or boxset i can find . i've never seen this picture of them thx a lot for sharing .