Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Winston Overalls Ink Blotter

Advertising blotter for Big Winston Overalls manufactured by Fletcher Brothers Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The blotter was produced by noted postcard maker, Curt Teich & Co., Chicago.

The Fletcher Brothers (Joseph, Newton & John) established their Winston-Salem dry goods business in the fall of 1896. They had a store at 430 Trade Street and another known as The Bee Hive at 424 North Liberty Street. The earliest trademark record for Big Winston appears in 1907. Big Winston Overalls were sold in southern states ranging from Maryland to Florida. The company had eleven salesman covering this territory. The company folded during the early 1950s.

The Fletcher Brothers Dry Goods Store at 430 Trade Street
From The North Carolina Room - Forsyth County Public Library

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