Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Kitchen Overall & Shirt Company Notebook

Here's a notebook put out by The Kitchen Overall and Shirt Company in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Kitchen was established 1911 by Charles E. Kitchen and Luther Whitaker. According to the link below, the company used the slogan "Wears Like a Pig's Nose." This is the same slogan that Finck's used. It's also interesting to read that employees were paid in cash up until 1960 when the started issuing checks after they were robbed. The company changed it's name to Kitchen-Peabody-Garments Limited in 1962, The name change reflected the fact that overalls were no longer a large part of their business. The company was bought by Great Western Garment (GWG) in 1965. For more information on Kitchen and GWG click the link below.

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  1. dwiggs, this is amazing! How can I contact you directly? I work for a museum with Kitchen Overalls and would love to swap knowledge...