Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1909 AZO Real Photo Postcard of Chas Cross Wearing Overalls

AZO real photo postcard showing Chas Cross wearing overalls. Judging by his dress, Mr. Cross appears to be some type of shop or store worker. The outline of his pocket watch is clearly visible. Other than the image, the best part of this card is that it has a location and date written on it. The card was sent from Wapato, Washington on August 17, 1909 to Miss Ona Waggoner in Marsha, O. This might have been a misspelling by Mr. Cross and it should have been Martha, Oklahoma. Census records show a Ona Waggoner there at that time period. I love the Mr. Cross wrote. "Hello, Good, By."     

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  1. Chas. Cross was a photographer working in Bow, London around the turn of the century.
    It is probable that this is the photographer's name rather than the gentleman posing