Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1962 Big Yank New York Yankees Button Card with Mickey Mantle

Today's post combines two of my favorite things, baseball and vintage clothing. In 1962 Big Yank started an advertising campaign for their line Amblers Leisurewear called "The Big Yanks wear Big Yank." The players featured were Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Whitey Ford. At a later date, Elston Howard also became part of the campaign. So far I know of two different button tags from the 1962 promotion. I recently picked up the piece above which I assume is from the early part of the campaign. It is blank-backed and has the Big Yank Corporation address as New York, N.Y. BY 230. The piece below, which was recently in Hunt Auctions, is longer and has details on the back for obtaining an autographed ball by Mantle, Maris or Ford. The address here is New York, N.Y. By 235. I'd love to see if these baseballs had a Big Yank logo.

Hunt Auctions

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