Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1932 High Point Overall Co., Anvil Brand Advertising Envelope

Advertising envelope from the High Point Overall Company in High Point, North Carolina. High Point was the manufacturer of Anvil Brand work clothes. The cover is postmarked September 7, 1932 from High Point, NC. and addressed to the Singer Sewing Machine Company in Atlanta Georgia.

The High Point Overall Company was established by James Henry Millis in 1892. The first Anvil Brand trademark filing was on July 30, 1910. The Anvil Brand "Hard to Beat" trademark used above was first registered on August 30, 1930. One can only speculate that the trademark was changed because there were several other companies at the time using Anvil Brand on their own products.


  1. My Grandfather, Arthur Harrison, was the man holding the anvil in the Anvil Brand Logo. He later remarked that he didn't know at the time he did it, his face would be plastered on every ass in the country!!

  2. I have a pair of infant size overalls by Anvil brand that my grandfather bought for my dad in 1935! They are in perfect condition. Ironically, my dad's birthday is August 29th, the same date this article was written!

  3. I am curious.I also have a small pair of overalls by anvil that could have been worn by an infant that my mother had. She was born in 1920 and her father gave these to her in the 1930's. I had assumed these were a salesman sample because back in those day's salesmen traveled by car or horse and buggy to sell their product in local town store's such as old timey hardware store's or small country clothing store's Please email me back I am very interested because I am thinking about selling these on ebay. Thank you.

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