Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guess The Stitches In Levi's Britches

Interesting contest card from Levi's. Customers had to guess the number of stitches in the big cowboy's jeans. Not really sure of the exact date on this piece. The front shows a copyright date of 1927. I believe this image was just used as advertising because the elements on the back date to post 1927. Levi Strauss didn't introduce the Levi's trademark until 1928 and the cowboy really didn't make an appearance until the 1930s. I've seen several guess the stitches ads from the 1960s but they use a more cartoony cowboy. My best guess on this would be from the mid 1940s to early 1950s. This is because when you look at the consumer's address space on the back it has a space for Zone. This refers to postal zone which came into play in 1943 after so many postal workers went to war and newer postal employees had difficulty sorting mail. It was later replaced by the present day ZIP code. If anyone knows the date of this contest, please send me a message.

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