Monday, October 1, 2012

1891 Robert C. Wilkins Roosrer Brand Overalls Advertising Envelope

Great illustrated advertising envelope for Robert C. Wilkin's "Rooster Brand" shirts and overalls postmarked Montreal 1891. Unfortunately online information on this Montreal, Canada company is scarce. If anyone has more info on the company, I'd love to hear about them.

Advertising from the 1898 Klondike Guide 

"Rooster Brand" button on Etsy


  1. Robert C. Wilkins 111 was my great-grandfather. The Robert C. Wilkins Company Limited was established in 1890.Montreal factory was moved to Farnham 50 miles from Montreal under pressure from his larger customer Canadian Pacific Railways.Linemen ,brakemen and hotel uniforms.Also medical uniform for nurses doctors. A second small factory was ran by mu uncle Jack. Robert C. Wilkins passed away in 1941 and his three sons Robert C. 1V , Lionel and Walter continued the business till it was sold to Whitewear in 1967 but did not survived long after that. The quality of Wilkins Rooster brand uniforms gave success to the business with major national customers.
    James A. Wilkins (

  2. The move to Farnham was made in 1911. Robert C. Wilkins 111 was a high profile entrepreneur. When he arrived in Farnham he bought a large farm on Yamaska street and immediately founded the Farnham Board of trade and was president of the Eatern townships association of board of trades. president of the regional Conservative party of Canada and involved in many associations. Travelled to France and England representing canadian businesses. He was the grandson of Honorable Colonel Robert C. Wilkins, member of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada 1838-1840

  3. James-I can't thank you enough for providing this information. = Mike

    1. Mike-I did not have that 1891 advertisement on file and I cannot thank you enough for this piece of family history. I could perhaps find a catalog of the 60's with the clothing models and e-mail you a copy of it when I find it.

  4. Mike- Found and numerized on pdf file in color the 37 pages catalog of the Robert C. Wilkins Co. Ltd catalog. It will not download on your facebook page.
    I can send from my e-mail adress (

  5. I am another great-grandchild of Robert C. (Charles) Wilkins. His daughter Evelyn was my grandmother, and my own father was named Robert Charles Wilkins Sim. I don't know if the email address above is still valid, but I would love to contact you for a copy of the catalog and to add it to my genealogy research. I have some documents that may interest you as well. Nice to meet a cousin!