Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1890 Henry W. Carter Billhead

Billhead dated January 7, 1890 from Henry W. Carter (& Sons) Overalls, Lebanon, New Hampshire. Carter established his company in 1859. 

Recently there have been several blog posts about the relaunch of H.W. Carter & Sons. The new company is currently offering aprons and bandanas. For more information, visit their site here.

This new company shouldn't be confused with the large baby and children's store Carter's whose roots are from the William Carter Company, an old underwear manufacturer. However, there seems to be another Carter's line that also ties its heritage back to Henry W. Carter & Sons. This line offers children's clothing and also uses the tag "Watch the Wear." For more information, click here. I'm not sure if the new H.W. Carter & Sons and Carter's Watch the wear are related but when you look at their respective history and about pages, they have a very similar look and wording.

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